After installing the Ellis: Mobile, Banking & Card application and creating an account, you will be prompted to select the product you would like to open.

If you haven't already signed up with Ellis, check out how to get your account up and running here!

To get started with Ellis Mobile, click the respective 'Get Started' button.

Don't worry; you'll have the opportunity to go back and sign up for an Ellis Money account later.

Follow the steps detailed in this article to get your account fully set up with the Ellis Mobile product!

  1. You should have an Ellis SIM card. If you have not received one yet, you can order one and have it delivered to your international address. Find out how to order your SIM card here!

    If you have your SIM card on hand, enter the number printed on the back of your Ellis SIM card into the app.

  2. Choose a phone plan that best suits your needs! We have three options for high-speed data usage. Note that you will not be billed until you activate your plan in the United States. Also, you can change your phone plan at any time!

You will not be billed for your plan until it has been activated! You can do so through the Ellis app, using the 'Proceed to payment' button, which will prompt you to enter in your payment info and activate your plan.

We recommend that users activate their mobile plans a few days before they arrive in the US.

Now that you have successfully activated your phone plan, you will be billed monthly for the stated rate of your chosen phone plan.

If you haven't already, learn how to activate your Ellis Money account here!

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