Ellis Money offers three different ways to deposit money into your account, with zero fees. You can deposit money via:

1. Bank transfers

Ellis Money supports international SWIFT wires and domestic transfers (ACH and Domestic Wires) Your bank transfer information can be found on the Ellis app, under the "Money" tab.

When you select "Bank Transfers", you will be able to see your account information.

1.1 International SWIFT Wires

Under the "International" tab, you will see the required bank account information for international SWIFT wires.

Important note: As the beneficiary, please use the name of the Ellis bank account holder.

1.2 Domestic Transfers (ACH and Domestic Wires)

Under the "Domestic" tab, you will see the required bank account information for ACH and domestic wires.

2. ATM

To deposit or withdraw cash, using an ATM is a great option. However, if you use a normal ATM or banking institution, you will be charged a percentage fee for your withdrawal.

To avoid ATM fees, select the "Deposit money with an ATM" tab. You will be redirected to the Allpoint website which can use your location to help locate the nearest surcharge-free Allpoint ATM.

3. Direct Deposit

To have your paycheck directly deposited into your Ellis Money account, provide your employee with the routing number and account number listed in the "Receive my paycheck" tab.

Upon doing so, your paychecks will be electronically deposited into your account on each payday. No additional work is required on your end!

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