If you want to convert your local currency into USD and then deposit your money into your Ellis bank account, using Wise might be a good option for you!

Wise gives you the lowest international money transfer fees and you can track your transfer along the way

To send money from your home country's currency to USD in your Ellis account, follow the steps below:

1. Register for Wise for free!

All you need is an email address, or a Google or Facebook account. Select Register at the top right of the screen or click here to make an account.

2. Choose an amount to send.

Select your local currency. Wise will show you the total fees upfront and tell you when your money should arrive.

3. Fill in your details.

Your address should be your home address, not your new US address.

4. Enter your Ellis account's routing number and account number.

You can find this information if you select Deposit Money on the Ellis app, under the 'My Bank Details' tab.

Enter this information into Wise, under the respective fields.

5. Verify your identity with a photo of your ID.

Wise requires this for certain currencies and large transfers.

6. Choose your payment method.

If you are sending funds from your international account, select 'Wire transfer'. You will then be prompted to transfer funds from your international account to Wise. Once Wise receives your funds, they will send the money to your Ellis account.

7. Track your transfer!

After sending, you can track your transfer in your Wise account.

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