To pay tuition, different schools typically provide a variety of payment options. Let's use Stanford University as an example.

If you click here, you can see the different ways that Stanford allows its students to pay their tuition. Select 'electronic checks' to learn how to use your Ellis Money account as a payment method.

After you log in to your school's payment portal, add a new bank account. Enter the following information in the respective boxes -

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Routing Number - You can find this in the Ellis app if you click 'Deposit Money' and click the 'Domestic' tab

  • Account Number - This is also located in the Ellis app, if you click 'Deposit Money' and click the 'Domestic' tab

  • Account Type - Checkings

Ensure that the 'Store payment method for future use' box is checked so you don't have to enter in your bank details again!

Once you review the submitted information and confirm that it is all correct, your school will take the amount due from your Ellis bank account and apply it to your tuition and living costs.

Ensure that you have enough money in your Ellis bank account to cover the cost of your tuition, or else your payment will fail and you may incur fees from your school.

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