There are many ways to send your money from your Ellis account to another US bank account! The method you chose to use will likely be dependent on the type of recipient.

Sending money to:

1. Your other US bank account

If you have another US bank account with Chase, Bank of America, etc., you can add your Ellis account as an 'external' account to your other US bank account! Once the bank verifies that your Ellis account has been successfully added, you can initiate a domestic transfer of funds from your Ellis account to your other bank account. The bank will 'pull' the money from your Ellis account into your other bank account.

Note: Please select Standard as the delivery method, as we do not support Real-time transfers

This also works if you want to deposit money from another US bank account into Ellis!

To connect your Ellis account to your Chase account, click here.

2. Friends and family in the US, with US bank accounts

For person-to-person transfers, we recommend that you use a third-party payment app like Venmo, Zelle, or Paypal! You can connect your Ellis card and/or bank account to these apps and send money. Keep in mind that these apps have daily and weekly send limits.

To learn how to send money using Venmo, check out this helpful article:

3. Universities

To pay your tuition and other school fees, you can use electronic checks that 'pull' the funds directly from your Ellis account.

This article walks you through how to do so:

4. Landlords

Accepted payment methods for rent vary by landlord but most landlords/housing authorities provide a payment portal that you can use to pay your rent. Through the payment portal, you can choose to pay your rent using your Ellis account (via eCheck) or with your Ellis card!

4. Friends and family outside of the US

If you need to send money to a bank account outside of the US, we recommend using Wise ( Wise allows you to convert from USD to the recipient's local currency and send the transaction, all in one place.

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