To transfer funds from an HDFC Bank account to your Ellis bank account, please follow the steps below.

1. Go to and click 'Login' and 'NetBanking'.

2. Log in to your HDFC Bank NetBanking account.

3. Click 'Funds Transfer'.

4. Click 'Request' then 'Add a Beneficiary'.

5. Click 'Go' under 'RemitNow'.

6. Enter your full name and US billing address.

'Beneficiary Name' is the name of the Ellis bank account holder.
'Beneficiary Address' is the US billing address listed in the Ellis app, which can be viewed if you click 'Virtual Card' or 'Physical Card'.

You can view your US billing address in the Ellis app if you click 'Virtual Card' or 'Physical Card'.

7. Select 'UNITED KINGDOM' as the 'Country' and 'USD-US DOLLARS' as the 'Currency' from the dropdown menus.

SWIFT wires will go to Ellis's intermediary bank in the United Kingdom and ultimately end up in your US-based Ellis bank account.

8. Enter your Currency Cloud bank account details, as displayed in the Ellis app.

You can find your Currency Cloud bank account details in the Ellis app, by clicking on the 'Money' tab and selecting 'Bank transfers'.

'Beneficiary Account No' is the last 8 digits of your IBAN.

9. Enter your IBAN number listed in the Ellis app. Click 'Continue'.

10. Verify that all details are correct.

11. Enter the OTP and click 'Continue'.

The new beneficiary will be activated after 30 minutes.

12. After the new beneficiary is activated, click 'Funds Transfer' again. Click 'Go' under 'RemitNow'.

13. Select the account that you would like to send funds from. Choose the beneficiary that you just added.

14. Enter your transfer amount in USD. Select 'SWIFT-Wire Transfer' as the 'Mode of Remittance'. Select the 'Purpose of Remittance' from the dropdown menu.

15. Select 'Own Funds' as 'Source of Funds'.

16. Select 'Self' as the bearer of corresponding bank charges.

If the other options are selected, the wire may land as less than the entered transfer amount.

Once submitted, you're all done! The wire amount should be reflected in your Ellis account balance in 1-3 business days (excluding weekends and bank holidays).


If you are receiving the error above when attempting to intiate a wire to your Ellis account, you will need to reach out to HDFC to convert your account to an NRI account. This will allow you to send a wire to your account at another bank.

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